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Nestled in the heart of the Pilbara region of Western Australia, just an hour or two West of Newman is the amazing Karijini National Park Karijini National Park is most famous for the spectacular hiking available

Knowledgeable backpackers will find a wide range of trekking grades, with two grade 6 (guide restricted) paths, one grade 5 together with a number of grades 4 and 3. You’ll see incredible gorges stretching out many miles. You can expect to abseil straight down a 40 metre waterfall, gaze at awesome wedgetailed eagles, osprey along with red kangaroos.

With its sheer gorges, Karijini National Park is at a high possibility of flash floods. A number of bushwalkers were killed when the flood levels rose swiftly and washed them onto rocks. Not long ago a rescue volunteer was also drowned attempting a rescue. Stay safe and do not put yourself or the lives of people trying to rescue you in danger. Never fail to let the ranger know when and where you’re going and travel in pairs or groups.

Karijini National Park offers you an eco retreat if you want a step up from straight tents. All these offer solar hot water along with elevated platforms for the camping tents. If not, you possibly can bring a personal tent or just take a campervan. If you do not care about driving in to Newman every day and would like to stay in a bit more comfort and luxury, stay in the Mia Mia hotel run by Auzcorp.

A couple of hours to the north of Karijini National Park is the mining centre of Port Hedland. It is the most important town in the region and around 15,000 people stay there. Month after month, more or less 20 million tonnes of iron ore move through the main harbour, headed for China, Japan and USA. Some other major exports also include sea salt (be sure to check out the salt mine just outside Port Hedland), manganese, sheep and cattle.

If you ever spend some time in Port Hedland, you can expect to feel out of place unless you put on a flurescent coat. Practically every person in Port Hedland works on the mines. The people that don’t usually either service the miners with dinner and shelter, or they’re just holidaymakers.

You’ll discover lodgings a little bit tough to locate in Port Hedland. Those which are on the market are normally very costly. The best place to sleep in is going to be Auzcorp Beachside Village. It once was the Port Hedland Detention Centre, but it has been redeveloped as a motel a few years ago. In case safety is essential to you, this can be an excellent hotel. All the security measures which were applied to hold detainees inside are now implemented to keep guests safer. Don’t worry, it does not seem like a detention centre. It’s more like a safety conscious hotel.

Additional sight-seeing opportunities nearby include the enormous Whaleback Mountain mine run by BHP Billiton. It’s the largest open cut mine in the world. Marble Bar is brimming with mining heritage. Assuming National Parks are more to your liking, you should definitely go to Cape Kerandren National Park and Rudal River National Park. Document: auz48376

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